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Circuit Hack – How to Make an E-Mail Alerting T-Shirt!

Here’s someone who used Arduino and a bluetooth module to create an e-mail alerting T-shirt that receives number of new e-mails you have via an Android phone. Very clever and great idea as you can easily convert it into something like an e-mail alerting box that could prove to be very useful for people who need to be constantly checking their e-mails.  Best part is that the author has provided free source code.  Brilliant idea.

And, he

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T-Shirt DIY – How to Make your Own T-Shirts Printing Screen!

For those of you looking to make your own T-shirts with a re-usable printing screen for multiple T-shirts, you might want to look into this great DIY that shows you how to make your own T-shirt printing screen.

I will actually be pursuing this method as I have been searching for something better than using my inkjet printer and iron-on papers, which hardly make great T-shirts. (They seemed to rub off too easily after couple washes, especially for photos.)

you can use your screen print over and over and over again. make sure to wash the ink of the screen when you are do

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No, I will not fix your computer Shirt!

It’s great that you possess the power to fix any kind of computer problem but if you get too many freeloaders, here’s a great shirt to wear around so people won’t even ask.

via engadget

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T-Shirt DIY – How to Tie Dye a Shirt!

I remember back in elementary school when all the kids used to go crazy about tie dye T-shirts.  Well, here’s how to make one yourself for those of you curious folks:

Take an old white shirt suffering from the “dingies” and turn it into a rainbow masterpiece! I’ll show you how.

via instructables

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Father’s Day Gift Idea – Binary Dad T-Shirt from ThinkGeek!

Here’s a cool binary shirt that would make a great gift for your super-smart engineer/geek dad.

It is the natual evolution of things. We wreak havoc as kids, we grow up, get jobs (hopefully) and sometimes have kids of our own and complete the cycle to adulthood. Ok well maybe not the adult part. We all like to play with gadgets and toys, whether we’re 8 or 80, otherwise we wouldn’t be here, would we? But for those lucky ones who have the joy of a rugrat or two following in your footsteps, you’ve got something to be proud of for once. For the tech-savvy dad, th

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Pac Man Ghost T-shirts!

Here’s a fun Pac Man T-shirt for all you retro lovers.

via technabob

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E-store DIY – How to Make an AJAX 1-Click Shopping Cart using Shopify E-Commerce!

Okay, today I will show you how to make an AJAX a-Click shopping cart using Shopify.com, an e-commerce hosting company I have used over and over for last couple years.

First, let me tell you I have done my research on various different shopping carts as I have made shopping carts for different companies.

So far, the best and simplest shopping cart/hosting is Shopify.  I’ve tried X-cart and OScommerce but they need WAY too much customization.

Shopify has a default t

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Geek Fashion – Electronic Drum T-shirt is a Moving Drummer!


Here’s a cool Electronic Drum T-shirt from ThinkGeek that you can actually play.  I’d love to have one of these so I can play beats on my T-shirt instead of my pants.

Product Features

    Tap the drums on this shirt and they actually play through the embedded speaker All drums on the shirt are playable. 7 Different drum sounds in all Battery pack with speaker stores in hidden pocket near hem of shirt Adjustable volume… the top volume level is really loud Black 100% cotton sh

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Re-use DIY – How to Make a Cut-Out T-Shirt!

Here’s a great way to turn your monotonous T-shirt into a very fashionable cut-out T-shirt using simple tools such as scissors and some planning.

This might be helpful those of you who are struggling in these hard U.S. economic times but still need a new shirt without buying one.

Ever since seeing Zana’s cutout skull sweater by Pleasure Principle, I’ve had a major crush on the label. From their fantastically simple split knee jeans to their knot dress, their designs are extremely covetable. Anyway, to the point of this article (whi

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I Love Meth T-Shirt!

I Love Math T-Shirt!

Well for the weirdest reasons, I did superbly well in math classes during my earlier teenage school years but contrary to my skills, I hated math, especially Calculus in college.

Regardless of your love or hate for math, here’s a cool “I Love Math” T-shirt.  (Wait, did it say “I love Meth?”)

via neatorama

P.S. I intentionally named this post “I Love Meth” to see if anyone catches it.

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