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T-Mobile G2 Phone Unboxing!

Well, I just received my unlocked T-Mobile G2 Phone I ordered last week on Amazon, here’s me unboxing the new G2 Phone, enjoy:

P.S. I really like the G2 Phone, it feels really “solid” in my hands and if you like Android stock UI, this is definitely a s

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T-Mobile G2 Phone – Only 800Mhz Processor?

T-Mobile has just confirmed that T-Mobile’s new G2 Phone will be coming with an 800Mhz Scorpion processor.  Now, we don’t know how fast that process “really” is until we test it with other 1Ghz Snapdragon/TI processor equipped phones like the Evo 4G and Droid X but certainly it’s a bit disappointing that we still haven’t broke the 1Ghz barrier.

Of course, CPU speed isn’t everything so we will keep our eye on it and you never know, it could outperform other 1Ghz processors so we will keep you wondering.

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T-Mobile G2 Phone Launching Soon with 4G!

Wow, it’s an endless cycle of new Android smartphones being intro-ed this year and probably all of next year.  While Google has stopped selling their Nexus One phones in retail, Google has been secretly been working with T-Mobile to product the next generation T-Mobile G2 Phone.

By the way, T-Mobile G1 phone was the very first-ever Google Android-based smartphone and to see Google/T-Mobile launching their second “G” branded phone means something big is going to happen we think.

We will have all the goodies on the new T-Mobile G1 phone when it launche

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