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Linux Hack – How to Resume SCP Transfers after Interruption!

For those of you who need to “resume” SCP file transfers that have been interrupted, there’s an easy way to resume them using rsync command.

Use this:

alias scpresume="rsync --partial --progress --rsh=ssh"

For Ubuntu or Debian add sudo:

alias scpresume="sudo rsync --partial --progress --rsh=ssh"

This is great since you won’t have to restart your file transfers if you happened to be transferring files around 100GB.

Perks include understanding the same user@host:path syntax as scp as well as being able to resume a broken scp download (Note:

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GoogleDocs Hack – How to Bring Stock Feeds to GoogleDocs Spreadsheets!

It’s been months since I dumped Microsoft Outlook for GoogleDocs and I have to say, it’s rather nice to have all your important data online, retrievable by any computer with internet access rather than having to carry or send/receive any data.

Getting back to the point of this story is the fact that you can actually feed GoogleDocs spreadsheets stock market data simply using a syntax of code shown here:

Retrieving Current Stock Information

=GoogleFinance("symbol", "attribute")

Pulling Historical Stock Data


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DIY Linux Web Server HACK – Automate your MySQL MySQL database backups

Okay, I’ve been running dedicated servers for couple years now and I used to mess around with Linux boxes back in college.

Here’s an essential automatic script and a cron job you will need in order to keep your backup automatic.

Yes, if you get a dedicated server, don’t get their stupid extra $15/month for backing up your database.  (All they do is make scripts like this one and charge you for it)

You can follow this example and go spend that money on junk food.

So all you have to do is FTP your backup files.

This is way better than goin

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