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USB Flash Drive with OLED Display!

More cool stuff coming…

The world’’s first USB flash Drive with OLED display gets introduced by ennova Direct Corp. It will come with a retractable USB connector and an integrated biometric fingerprint scanner on the OLED display itself, changing color upon the success or failure of each finger swipe. Apart from that, the OLED display also doubles up as an interactive interface that enables users to choose from specific files and initiate specific functions without having to go through the computer’s interface. This Gizmo is what I cal

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Beer Smellin’ Robot

Beer smellin’ robot finds you BEER! Can I order one please?

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More Cool Interactive Touchless Displays


Wow, it seems like more cool interactive touchless displays are popping up these days.

…swipe their hand from a distance of up to 15cm away and the built-in sensors translate that movement into a command.

[via] ministryoftech

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