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#EcoMonday – Fun Things You Can do with a Dumpster!

It’s #EcoMonday and here’s some fun things you can do with a dumpster including a dumpster swimming pool, garden, and ping pong table.

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Home Swimmer

Remember the $5,900 Swimmill that lets you convert your spa or small swimming pool into a lap pool?

Well, the great news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, in fact, you can spend just $89.99 on one of these Home Swimmer contraptions which allow you to swim laps after laps using simple belts and straps.

I was really surprised that this product can really do pretty much the same thing as the expensive version.

Swimming is recognize

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Bierstick – Beer Stick that Lets you Chug Beer … FAST!

Bierstick, meaning Beerstick in English (translated from German, I took German in high school), let’s you chug beer fast using a syringe action.  It looks more like a bong to me, I bet you can turn it into one pretty easy by putting a stem.  Ahem…

it’s FDA-approved for use in swimming pool and lingerie parties. The Bierstick only costs $20, plus the $500 you would probably need to pay for the busty girl in white undies required for it to work properly, according to the photos

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