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Sushi Dolls!


Check out these awesome plushy sushi dolls or sushi bears is it?   Anyways, these might be delightful to have these all over your comfortable sofa.  Of course, you can hug these little sushi pillows when you sleep if you really want to like the guy above. via bedzine

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What you missed Last Weekend [Roundup]

Unlike people who miserably suffer from 9 to 5 jobs (my former self), Zedomax.com keeps on feeding the author food and housing, meaning you have some interesting tech reads.

Here’s what you missed last weekend:

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Toaster Bags make Making Hot Sandwiches a Breeze!

At first I thought this was a sushi toaster as the toaster bag and sandwich together reminded me of my favorite ma-ke.  But it turns out it’s a toaster bag which will keep everything inside your sandwich together while heating it up nicely.  Sorta reminds me of Quizno subs and how they oven-bake everything before they serve it.

This is ironic find as I have just bought a brand new toaster couple days ago after probably 10+ years of not having one.

Whether you’re a student, teenager or busy professional on the go, why not invest

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Sea Bream Fish Robot!

Check out this giant Sea Bream fish robot.  It’s almost real you want to chop it up for some nice stew or sushi.

The fish weighs a whopping 15.4 pounds, but it has a unique propulsion system that lets it move its tail and silently scoot through the water like a real fish. The body is made of silicone and the scales were hand-painted on for realism. And damn did they do a good job.

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Lego Sushi Makes Sushi-Geeks Drool!

Here’s a perfect set of lego sushi, all definitely authentic except you probably won’t be able to dip it in real soy sauce.

Let me guess what these are.  Obviously, the one on the left is a roll with egg.  The center is shrimp sushi.

The one on the right must be tuna sushi, my favorite. (I think it’s called Maguro)

Okay, the one on the right is Ikua Roe.  (Bunch of small orange eggs, real good)


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Food DIY – How to Make Kimbap Sushi!

Kimbap is basically Korean Sushi.  Well, it’s not sushi, it’s called “Kimbap” in Korean, which means “Seaweed Rice”.  Sushi contains raw fish whereas Kimbap contains some meat like chicken, beef, etc…etc…

It’s a cheap but really healthy food.

Well, today, I was getting really eager to eat some Kimbap as they are delicious.  I could buy them easy at my local Korean supermarket but I always wanted to make them and found this great guide on

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Cool Stuff from Hackaday


Hackaday found some cool stuff after their sushi thanksgiving party, well I gotta give that a try next year. You can always refer to Make’s HOWTO on sushi for sushi lovers.

Talking about sushi, if you live in San Francisco, you gotta check out Oyaji’s Restaurant.  It’s run by a Japanese chef, Hideki, who&#

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