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Microsoft supports Linux via Novell; Satan phones Gates regarding temperature

Ah, here’s a good news for linux users, yes, finally, microsoft will work with linux! Well, SuSE linux (SuSE linux was acquired by Novell) is one of my old time linux favorite. Hmmm…only if they could offer an OS that is free and runs both Windows and Linux simultaneously without running VM or any other virtual operating system simulator…

It’s not exactly official just yet, but the latest word from “people familiar with the companie

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Linux Distro rankings

Here’s a cool site that shows Linux distro rankings and more.

via distrowatch

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Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft Review

Here’s a cool article on the new Ubuntu 6.10. The above picture i think is the 3D window system…

As of October 26, Ubuntu has released their latest Linux operating system, version 6.10 aka Edgy Eft, which can be downloaded here. Ubuntu has been the up and coming star company in the Linux O.S. scene for the last couple of years. They just seem to get more popular with each release and along with their releases getting better with each release. I would dare say they have nearly the cult following like Apple Computers or Go

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