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I just Survived an Airplane Crash!

I still remember very vividly. Recently I was headed from somewhere in Arizona to San Francisco on flight 824. As usual, the flight was pretty darn boring, and life was same as usual.

Then suddenly, nearing our destination in San Francisco, the airplane started free-falling. I thought it would stop but no, the free-fall just kept getting worse for what felt like 20 minutes.

Even worse, I could feel the plane’s nose slowly turning towards earth, which made me think that it’s impossible at this point for the airplane to correct itself.

One of the doors on t

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DIY Cockroach Robot can Survive a 300-foot Fall Off a Building!

The UC Berkeley EECS department has been developing these robots that mimic traits of a cockroach and can also survive a 300-foot fall from the top of a building to the ground.  Apparently, this could possibly lead to better disaster-proof designs for airplanes, cars, and alike.

Heck, I would like them to build a life-sized cockroach that I can ride in, perhaps I can jump off buildings without worrying about actually killing myself. (like a cockroach)

Using compliant fiber board as structural mater

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