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Blackle – The energy saving version of Gooooogle

Check out Blackle, it’s a Google-based search engine that supposedly saves energy by making the background black. But when I do searches, it seems to give you those limited results kinda like the Google search bar on Zedomax.com. I think all they really did is put a Google Search on a black HTML page. (Maybe we will make one to and get some traffic.

Talking about traffic, check out

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Learn to make Money Online with John Chow for real!


Do you want to make money online by promoting a topic, start a blog, and get affilliate marketing revenues?(Check out JohnChow.com, he’s the best out there.  There’s also ProBlogger.net which is the best out there too run by the famous Darren Rowse. (for slightly different ideas, massive # of blogs)  (Honestly, it’s got 10% t

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Cingular vs. Sprint – HSDPA vs. EDVO

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately after my HTC 8125 broke, but it came back to life about a week later.

Since my HTC 8125 is so slow, I had to find a new phone that was FAST. I went to all the stores with demo phones including Cingular, Verizon, Sprint, and didn’t really bother going to T-mobile. Anyways, some of the Cingular stores had the

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World’s smallest MP3 Player!

Check out the 24mm cubic box mp3 which is supposedly the smallest MP3 player ever?!?

Never before has such a big sound come from such a tiny device! And when we say tiny, we really mean tiny. We are not just talking about palm-sized. We are talking about finger-sized. But size is not a sacrifice for quality and performance. You get the same level quality of sound than the top MP3 players on the market that

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