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Future Computers will be Organic!


Well, I’ve played golf few years back with a Silicon Valley lawyer who specializes in IP. (Intellectual Property)

He used to tell me rumors that AMD and Intel were already working on future computers that are “organic”, sorta like human brains.

It seems that he might have been telling the truth:

“The brain is the hardware,” says Modha, “and from it arises processes such as sensation, perception, action, cognition, emotion and interaction.” Of this, the most important is cognitio

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CX1 Supercomputer for $25K!

Microsoft and Cray launch the CX1 supercomputer for about $25K each.  The CX1 supercomputer can hold upto 16 Intel Xeon CPUs, 4 Terabytes of storage, and 64 gigs of memory.

The supercomputer will run Windows HPC Server 2008, the only downfall of it.

I would rather see free Linux system running on the servers, that would probably bring down the cost of software and price down to around $15K at least.

At this point I don’t really see the usefulness of this Windows supercomputer but I do

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Pictures of a Really Really Really big Supercomputer!

Wait, how do you walk through all that?!?

Wow, I used to work as network technician long time ago when installing a CAT5 wires on a 5000 sq. ft office was hard. This is about 100 times harder looking… how do they even maintain the supercomputer? I wonder what happens if one of these go down. You are gonna have to be really good at walking over wires, which I am not.


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