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Super Short iPhone/iPod Cable!

For most people who travel a lot and have a laptop, it doesn’t really make sense to carry the default-length iPhone/iPod cable with them as it’s bulky and can sorta tangle with other cables you carry with you such as the power cable for the laptop.

Well, there’s a solution for that, get one of these iStubz, a super short  iPhone/iPod cable!

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Protective Bubble for your car!

Wow, this protective bubble will change the way you park forever!

Maybe they can make it bigger and we can even host a party inside the bubble.

The capsule itself is made of super-tough, 10 mil PVC that’s not only anti-static and flame retardant, but is also impervious to oil, gas and antifreeze. Once you lay the base out on the floor, you simply park your vehicle on top and then zip

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