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Super Mario Bros in Legos! [Video]


This is indeed amazing, 1500 hours of moving legos and shooting photos.   Brilliant.

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Super Mario Bros BeatBox!


If you thought last week’s Super Mario Bros music with a violin was cool, wait until you hear what this Japanese guy has in for some BeatBox!

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Super Mario Bros Background Song Played with a Violin! [Friday Fun]


For those of you who love Nintendo and Super Mario Bros the game, you are certainly going to love this talented young man playing it all with a violin, even the sound effects Mario makes while playing.

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Super Mario Bros RC Mario Cart!

If you are like me, you’ve probably remember the days of playing Mario Cart right as it came out.   I know playing in front of the TV is fun but I have a “hitch” that this RC Mario cart might be even more popular than its virtual brother.

These things are super tiny at 2″ and imported directly from Japan, meaning they are probably authentic.

They are available from Amazon for $34.99 each, let me get Mario and Luigi for now.

At least yo

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Super Mario Bros Theme in Theremin!


Wow, this is awesome music!

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NES stuffed in NES cartridge!

Someone managed to get Super Mario Bros stuffed into an NES cartridge.  Way too cool.  Maybe Nintendo should consider selling these instead of the DSes…

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Super Mario Wall Decals!

A Super Mario Bros. fan?  Well, now you can easily turn your bedroom walls into a Super Mario Bros. playland.

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Mario DIY – How to Make 1-Up Mario Candles!

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own 1-Up Mario Candle.

Go retro with this candle that looks like a 1up from Super Mario Bros.!

I recommend you to read through the entire Instructable before you start.

This is entered in the Let it Glow contest. Please vote it you like it! Thanks, enjoy!

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Super Mario Brothers Car in Russia!

Check out this beautiful super mario brothers car! You will need to be an old-school NES fan like me to appreciate such artwork.

Even better, would someone come up with a “playable” super mario bros car?

..it’s the amazingly accurate and detailed Mario paint job. The mural contains Goombas, pipes, coins, blocks, red-shelled Koopas and of course, Mario-himself


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Free Flash Games including Super Mario Bros!


Here’s a site with 10,000 free flash games including a Super Mario Bros, which loads as a flash and there are so many other cool ones. Maybe 10 years down the road we will see ps3 and wii being played as little flash games too…

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