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Best Part of Super Bowl – The Medieval Super Bowl BBQ Grill!

Every year, my friend Rico holds the best Super Bowl party ever, featuring his medieval grill that his dad built for him like 20 years ago.  This is the day you can find the best BBQ in town.  Forget the game, even if your team loses, at least my stomach is happy.

Last year, I took some mediocre shots of that Super Bowl grill but this year, I was able to take some better close-up shots with my new Canon EOS 7D DSLR camera plus nice 1080P video.

Last year was a Tri-tip but t

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My Friend’s Super Bowl Medieval DIY BBQ Grill!

(My friend’s handmade BBQ Grill)

(Look at the handle that controls the height of the grill)

Well, my friends and I were partying it up for Super Bowl weekend and we used his medieval bbq grill that was custom-made by his dad’s friend.

As you can see, the BBQ grill can move up and down.  They should make this cool BBQ grill into production.

Here’s a

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Interesting Bedroom DIY/Gadgets Roundup

Here’s a roundup of interesting gadgets from the Sleep Revolution blog:

Learn how to make your walls a mirror-copy of Mario Brothers the video game.  Talking thermostats might be a great idea, especially if you are like me and sometimes lose your glasses.

If you can’t help yourself from hearing the phone while you sleep, I suggest you to try one of these

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Food Hack – How to Clean your BBQ Grill for SuperBowl Barbeque!

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Super Bowl weekend is coming up next Sunday and you know I will be getting super drunk and whatnot with my college buddies.

Well, one of my college buddies taught me how to clean the BBQ grill couple years back and it might be helpful you to know how to clean the grill fast and easy.

Here’s my method:

Take bunch of paper grocery bags, crumple it up, then simply clean off all that old burned pieces off your BBQ grill

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