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Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses and Greg Norman Leading the Open!

Well, the big news today is that Greg Norman, former #1 player in the world, is leading the British Open by 2 shots after 3 rounds. (Yey, go Greg!)

Now, if you get to play golf in such 40mph wind and tall grass such as the Open, you might want to consider getting these Golf Ball Spotter Sunglasses w

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RocketShields for rainy days on your Motorcycle!

Here’s an interesting RocketShield, that will protect you from rain on your bad weather commutes. Personally, I would never spend money on something like this but there’s should be plenty people who might be in need of this.

For the record, this shield does seem to have aero-dynamic effects so you don’t have to crouch down going at higher speeds.  Maybe the racers might start pickin’ up on this.

What originally started as a remedy to keep the rain off of my fa

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