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Radio Charged by Hand Cranking or the Sun!

Here’s a cool eco-friendly radio that can be charged by cranking or via the UV-rays.

This radio has its own rechargeable batteries, these can be charged by using the solar panel, but if this is not available for any reason, but if the sun low or you were in a shaded area, then solar would not work. Luckily it has a hand cranking device which can charge up the batteries using the internal dynamo.

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DIY – How to make an ant farm!

Cool, I’ve always wanted to make an ant farm. I remember making one out of some glass jars when I was little but wasn’t really all that successful. Here’s how to make a luxurious ant farm!

If you don’t want to build an ant farm, you can always check out these ant farms you can buy.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was reminiscing about their old ant farm and so I dec

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DIY SOLAR HACK – Cool collection of Solar Cooker HOWTOs

Check out the inclined solar cooker and the vast range of solar cooker HOWTOs here.

Solar cooker available, generally fall under two categories. One is box type and the other is parabolic reflector focusing type .The cooking ability of existing box type simple solar cooker is seems to be not satisfactory in comparison to the cost involved. .Parabolic reflector focusing type cooker needs frequent adjustmen

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ENERGY SAVING HOUSE – Heliotrop House that rotates to keep the sun in

Wow, check out this cool energy saving house!

The balcony rail is a solar vacuum tube to heat water. Photovoltaics on the roof rotate independently to track the sun, generating four to six times the energy needed for the house, making it beyond zero energy and into “das Plusenergiehaus” or a “Plus-energy House.” If that is not enough, there is on-site composting, chemical free sewage treatment and rainwater catchment.


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