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Solar Shower gives you Hot Showers Outdoors!

Here’s a cool solar shower that will give you a nice hot shower outdoors.  Of course, this might be kinda stupid if the weather is over 100 degrees but anytime else, it’s a great way to re-use that sun power for cleansing all that chlorine after swimming.

This outdoor shower harnesses the suns energy to warm water from a garden hose to a soothing 86° F, providing a refreshing cascade of water for rinsing off chlorine, sunsc

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MIT Students Develop Solar Dish Capable of 1000X Sun Power!

Here’s a cool solar dish that is capable of “vaporizing” water the second you hit the apex of its dish.  The MIT students have already formed a corporation, there’s no telling when this will be available for homes and offices.

The results are staggering — the completed mirror focuses enough solar energy at its focal point to melt solid steel.  The energy of typical sunlight is concentrated by a factor of 1,000.  This was showcased during a demonstration, in which a team member held up a board, which instantly and v

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Solar Kettle – Boil an egg using power of the sun

Cool little interesting howto on boiling an egg using power of the sun!

Now this was one of those bizarre challenges that Jezza Bear from a web forum and that was to boil eggs and I was challenged to boil an egg with the power of the sun.

This project infuriated my because this type of experiment only really works well when there is a very bright and hot day. Not the easiest thing to find in Kent, England and hot summers

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