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Earth DIY – How to Make a Solar 55-watt Plastic Bottle Lamp!

Here’s a great way to utilize a plastic bottle, water, and film to bring natural light to your home/office without using ANY electricity.  This method basically uses film and water to disperse the sun light into indoors.  It will only work indoors but still a great way to save energy, especially each of these so-called lamps produce about 55-watts of power, more than your regular bulbs.

Here’s video on the HOWTO:


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Eco-Friendly and Green Water Powered Alarm Clock!

Hey, here’s a cool water powered alarm clock.  It makes sense since most alarm clocks will be at bedside, where little or no sun light is provided.

The Bedol Water-Powered Clock, with its stylish circular design and bright attractive colors, makes it a fun, versatile and environmentally friendly product for everyday use. A dash of salt in the water is all that’s needed for the clock to harvest energy and ope

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USB Solar Charger for all your Gadgets!

Here’s a cool USB solar charger for all your gadgets.

The solar mobile charger is the device of the transferring the sun light power into electrical power, it is working as: the solar panel transfer the sun energy into electrical energy which is stored in the built in 1500mAh Lithium battery, the stored power is then exported to mobile phone, digital, MP3, MP4 and other digital products, of which the process is done by the control circuit, and the different adaptable connect

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CIRALIGHT Presents Active Daylighting System – SunTrackerOne

Here’s a device that will save millions of megawatts at your Wal-marts and Home Depots. Why? The SunTrackerOne is a roof-installed system that rotates based on a GPS tracking system to bring the sun light into the building distributed, thereby letting the retailers to not use any electricity for their lights during the day. (Video after the jump)


LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘LFI 2008’) — CIRALIGHT presented its active daylighting system ‘SunTra

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