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Glass DIY – How to Make Stained Glass Objects!

Stained glass objects and artwork may complement your home better than anything else, especially if you can make them yourself.  Here’s a great instructable on how to do just that.  My only suggestion is to not go overboard and fill your whole house with stained glass objects, especially if you have kids running around. 😛

This instructable will show how to make stained glass objects. This process is good for such objects but is not recommended for windows. For this, you will need to know how to solder. You can make 3D items or sun catchers, they make great gifts.

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AT&T Blackberry Bold Review and Thoughts!

Blackberry Bold is now available to order through Best Buy.  Of course, you will want to avoid being on AT&T’s slow network.  My best suggestion is to wait until Sprint has Blackberry Bold available.  (You can buy this straight up for $679.99 and ask your Sprint dealer to switch over your plan if you want.)

As far as the Blackberry Bold goes, I think it’s a real good buy, perhaps a lot better than the

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Nokia 8800 Arte – For Show and no Go!


Well, I have to tell you the truth now. The truth? I did get to test all the Nokia 8800 series at the Nokia booth couple weeks ago at Web 2.0 Expo 2008.

The reason why I didn’t post my pics or videos is partly I didn’t have time to and also because the web browsers on the new Nokia are so horrible. They are not even recommended for any kind of web browsi

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