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Recession Hack – How to Sue and Make Money from Evil Telemarketers!


Remember I did a blog post on how to shut down telemarketers?  Well, I found out there’s actually a way you can “sue” and make money from those evil telemarketers who don’t comply to the U.S. law.  (probably won’t work in other countries by the way)

Watch the above vide

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utube suing youtube


Kenji just tipped me about some cool sillicon valley site, valleywag, here’s an interesting article that i’ve seen but i didn’t know they were suing… Utube is suing youtube for too much traffic, wow, we’d probably use that traffic for something else…hehe

Now, before anyone suggests they just capitalize by slapping ads on their site, remember that this isn’t a content site, it’s a small destination for a few clients to research

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