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Video Game Chair with Subwoofer!


My couch servers me fine for most days but some days, I imagine what it’d be like to be blogging on a video game chair with my internet radio on full-blast, all with subwoofers cranking my back.

For that, there’s is a cool video game chair you can get, the Wireless X Cooper!  (Yes, I want this for Christmas Santa!)

This chair features two speakers near the head rest and a built-in su

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Top 10 Portable Speakers for iPod/iPod Touch/iPhones!

1. The iLive IBCD3817DTBLK Portable Boombox is probably the best bet for your money as it’s not only an iPod-dockable speakers, the Boombox itself is also a radio/CD player.  This is probably the best speaker you can get for your money.


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iBoom – a Subwoofer for your iPod/iPhone…

iBoom should be here shortly for your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPods…

Featuring a 3″ subwoofer and a 1″ tweeter, our speakers provide an output power of 5Wx2 with a frequency response of 80Hz-20,000Hz. The iBoom Hifi can also charge your iPod, measures 300x190x240mm, and weighs 2Kg.

via akihabaranews

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The World’s Largest Subwoofer?

Could this be the world’s largest subwoofer? I think not. I have seen plenty of subwoofer vans that can crank out more power than this guy but still, kudos for tryin’.

In addition to being the world’s largest subwoofer, the “MATTERHORN” just might be the most powerful as well — built by Danley Sound Labs.

Video after the jump!

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Huge Rubiks Cube Subwoofer

Wow, check out this cool Rubiks cube Subwoofer!  I wish I had one…  It seems like this guy has all the plans and everything so next time you need to hide your new sound system from your lover or somethin’…there’s ya go.

If you are wanting to add some bass to your home theater why build a Huge Rubik’s Cube Subwoofer! It isn’t as big as this

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DIY HACK – How to build your own Monster Subwoofer!

Check out this cool DIY on making your own subwoofer. I tried this before using some wood and plexiglass and it’s real fun once you hear the sub workin’

So I began to wonder if I couldn’t make something half decent myself. Ordinarily I wouldn’t attempt to build a loudspeaker; it’s notoriously difficult to work out the optimal dimensions of the cabinet; in addition sound woodwor

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DeathStar Subwoofer


There’s just a picture gallery of this cool looking enclosure for your 12 inch or 15 inch sub. Well, looks really cool, I wonder if it will perfrom as well…

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60inch SubWoofer


Yes, this subwoofer is the wave of the future…

For earth shattering bass you can’t beat this custom made 60-inch subwoofer which has the ability to produce SPL levels above 180 dB. This monster has ouput displacement comparable to 160+ ten-inch woofers! More after the jump. The motor is capable of producing 6,000+ pounds of linear force, which is necessary when considering the very large surface area and displacement volume required to produce high SPL levels.

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