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The Pharox LED Bulbs!

Yey, we finally have LED bulbs from Pharox that greatly increases the efficiency of light bulbs while lasting 50 times longer.  I have to say these LEDs are very handy for projects too while they don’t really product enough heat to hurt you even when you touch them.  Cool stuff.

The Pharox LED bulb produces a warm glow equivalent to that of a 40Watt incandescent bulb, but uses only 5Watts of energy. The Pharox bulb is compatible with standard fittings and has a stylish design that looks more like a traditional incandescent bulb, yet is 90 p

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DJ Booth Homelander – DJing in style!


For the ultimate DJing experience, you might want to check out DJ Booth Homelander, which consists of stylish design combined with solid music.

DJ Booth Homelander – DJing in style!

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Portable Build-a-Chair Design by Taiani Vincent

Here’s an awesome portable chair design.  At first look, you will notice 3 pieces and wonder, “How is that a chair”?

Now start putting the pieces together in your mind.

Little more…

Almost there…

Wow, look at that, a portable DIY chair in seconds.  Now, if you got a whole stadium of these chairs, it might do some stylish design wonders while keeping your

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