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Windows 7 Hack – How to Run Windows 7 in XP Mode!

Clearly, if you have to run a “virtual” Windows XP on Windows 7, it’s probably simply better to use Windows XP like me, the *middle-adaptor way.

*Middle-adaptor is someone who is between early-adaptor and stubborn people.

But if you must run Windows 7 and tinker with another Microsoft’s junky OS, you can also install Virtual Windows XP, so they will run all of your Windows XP software.

Pointless huh? Microsoft should just start selling XP instead of all the new junk that doesn’t work or even better, make XP better/faster.

It’s lik

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How to Track Your Sleep Patterns on the Web using FitBit!

Now, I’ve seen a slew of sleep gadgets that can track your sleep patterns but this FitBit is the very first one that tracks your sleep patterns via their free website.  (Of course, you do have to pay for the gadget itself, but by having the patterns managed online, they don’t have to spend more money on memory hardware and plus, you’d have almost infinite storage for your sleep patterns.)

Overall, I’d give this device an A+.  It’s not for your stubborn people but for those early-a

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