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How to Lose Fat with the Manual Treadmill!

If you enjoy walking but don’t have time to in your super-busy life, you might be interested to know that you can get a manual treadmill that uses no electricity to work out at the comfort of your home.

The Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill is a good one btw.  At $142.11 on Amazon, this surely beats any motorized environmentally-harmful treadmills.

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Poweriser Jump Stilts


Wow, check out how high you can jump with these Poweriser jump stilts! They are about $370.

The adult model Powerizers give users from 110 lbs to 265 lbs the ability to jump up to 6 feet in the air and take running strides of up to 9 feet in length.

Powerizers are for the average athletically-inclined person AND the professional circus performer! Incredible basketball slam dunks, amazing flips, breath-taking heights — all are made possible wi

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