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Food Hack – How to Make Strawberry Rubarb Jam!

Here’s a fun food hack when you have some time, learn how to make strawberry rubarb jam.  My mom used to bag gallons of regular strawberry jam, those were awfully good because they are homemade.  This one also should be very delicious, it looks like so!

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Food Hack – How to Make Strawberry Jam!

Making strawberry jam might be one of the fun things to do, especially if you enjoy eating some nice bread and butter with jam in the morning to get jammin’.

Of course, you can buy strawberry jam but a lot of those on the market are not fresh and contain preservatives, something your body probably doesn’t need to become healthier.

Anyways, check out this great video on YouTube that shows you how to make strawberry jam in small batches:


Also, you can

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