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Bike Hack – How to Add a Garden to your Bike!

Are you a garden fanatic like me who waters and checks his grass daily?  Well, you no longer have to worry about your garden when at work, just put your garden ON the bike!

A window box for the cyclist who is always on the move, or cycle tourist needing nutritious strawberries and beansprouts.. or simply for someone without a garden….or a moron,(like me).

via instructables

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Nutouch 7″ Digital Frame with MP3 AND Touchscreen does the job indeed.

Who said a 800×600 pixel 7″ digital frame with MP3 and touchscreen isn’t awesome?

You control it with the sexy blue LED touch sensor array we mentioned earlier that’s built into the piano black frame – touch the frame and the buttons appear. The built-in battery lets you run the digital frame for a couple of hours without being plugged in – so you can show your latest pics off at your next dinner party without trailing wires around. This

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