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SD Card DIY – How to Store all your Photos in a SD Card!

For those of you who don’t know how to store all your favorite photos/videos in a SD card, just get one of these SD Card photo albums.  That way, you can skip messing with your digital camera or computer.  Okay, kidding aside, this is a really clever photo album, a GIANT SD card?  Hahaha…

This funky little photo album is modelled on the iconic design of SD Memory Cards found inside digital cameras all over the world.  It can store up to 60 4×6” photos and unlike its digital counterpart, it

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Free Apple App Store Apps from hackulo.us!

Say goodbye to the evil money-cruching Apple store and hello to hackulo.us and appulo.us, where you can get free apps!  I can see Steve Jobs crunching his eyes…

Go Open Source!

Many users of jailbroken iPhones will be familiar with the Installous application. Installous, from the people at Hackulo.us, allows the simple installation of apps previously available from the official Apple App Store – but free of charge with Appulous, of course.

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DIY HACK – Make your own UV Flashlight!

Tool Using Animal shows us how to make a UV flashlight by simply replacing LEDs on a regular flashlight. Well I have a whole bunch of UV LEDs Alan sent me from Hackedgadgets.co

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