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Recommended Storage-space


WTF!  It’s 2 desks ina box!  Similar to mattress-in-a-box.


At a glance, it appears that their “Out-of-Box” workstation incorporates 2 desks, a decent amount of desktop real estate and a ton of storage space into a fairly compact design that can easily be wheeled from one room to another. The design is still very much a work in progress, but the $2350 build price suggests that they will become commercially available.

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Hand Ladder Truck!

Here’s a nifty hand ladder that acts as both a ladder and a hand truck.

he 2-in-1 Ladder/Hand Truck. Unlike traditional step ladders, this unit easily converts to a heavy-duty hand truck, combining two indispensable household tools in one, while taking up half the storage space of keeping both items at hand. The strong, durable aluminum frame supports 300 lbs. as a ladder and 250 lbs. as a truck, while the oversized polypropylene steps provide sure footing. Rated for “Industrial-Heavy” use, the ladder-truck has a padded foam handl

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Integrated Desk with embedded PC and Fold-Away Monitor

Wow, check this integrated desk with embedded PC and fold-away monitor!  Great concept, maybe Apple might go for something like this.

It’d be even better if you could do “dual-monitor” setup.

Besides being absolutely beautiful, this Sync Desktop concept from designer Gareth Battensby features a fold-away widescreen monitor and keyboard, a built in USB hub, scanner, mouse, webcam, easy-to-access DVD unit, and plenty of storage space. And because it is all seamlessly integrated into the design, the Sync ca

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