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Wooden USB Flash Drive!

I do prefer wooden USBs over plastic ones simply due to the fact that they are more shock-absorbent upon dropping them from high floors.

This one is from Japan and does indeed look pretty cool.

I like this Wooden Thumb Drive. Its casing is made of cedar wood and provides 1GB of storage capacity. The Wooden Thumb Drive retails for approx. $62 in Japan.

via techfresh,

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16 layer Optical Drives from Pioneer – 400GB DVD!

Remember the post on Japanese researchers working on a 42GB DVD?

Well, that’s already old news.  Check out these 16 layer optical drives from pioneer at 400GB.

It’s not really called DVDs but pretty much they are 400GB DVDs.

Pioneer announced they succeeded to develop the World’s First 16-Layer Optical Disc. This new audio-visual aid offers a storage capacity of 400 gigabytes: it correspond to 25GB per layer. The manufacturer

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World’s First x3 32Gb Flash Memory NAND by Hynix Semiconductor!

I almost worked for Hynix, a semiconductor company in Korea, but their job descriptions were all boring and you had to work in the rural part of Korea. Mind you, I love big cities, I hate suburban areas, just my personality type.  I stuck out in the busiest part of Seoul and lived a block away from like 100 bars, 20 nightclubs, and etc…etc…   Yes, it was a lot of fun, I got hideously drunk and did get to poke around some stuff…  Okay, maybe this is too much personal information, just go take a bong rip and you can forget what I just

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