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How to Practice the Stock Market without Real Money!

Now you can practice the stock market without the risk of losing real money over at UpDown.com.

Sign up is free so this is a great way to “practice” your stock market skills.

Practice investing in the real stock market with a $1,000,000 practice portfolio. Compete with friends and other investors.Test strategies. Earn real money.

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Circuit City going Bankrupt Soon?

Circuit City(CC) is really losing ground on retail consumers as they are on the verge of being delisted from the stock market.  I have to agree that I don’t remember the last time I went to Circuit City to buy something, especially since most of products are now cheaper online with some products having no tax.

I did, however, buy my 42″ DL

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DIY – How to “Listen” to Microsoft and Yahoo stocks DROP!

Well, here’s a fun visualization for Microsoft(MSFT) and Yahoo(YHOO) stocks dropping. Well, bad economy isn’t something we can change right now, but hey, take it easy, sometimes

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