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Kite DIY – How to Make a Kite!

Making and flying Kites has been a long tradition in Korea (interesting that Kite was first used in Korea to deceive enemies at war) where I grew up, I still happen to love kites.  As a kid, I remember making many different types of kites, it’s even part of Korean elementary school program.

Anyways, kites have probably existed all over the world ever since man can remember, here’s how to make a simple “cross” kite:

This Do-it-Yourself project takes about an hour to complete. H

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Laptop Lift Stickers!

One of the main reasons why your laptop dies after a year of use is usually related with your CPU fan and heat.

Laptop manufacturers have been making laptops with fans on the bottom and if you place it on a flat surface, that can be a big source of heat problems.

There’s a lot of laptop stands out there but I see a simpler solution with these Laptop Lift Stickers that will raise your laptop slightly off those flat surfaces, allowing

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Anti-Slip Sandpaper Stickers and Nice Skateboard Grip Tape!

Here’s a store that sells bunch of anti-slip stickers and above is being applied to a skateboard.

It probably won’t make you nollie better but heck, there’s many uses for these stickers where you can slip easily.

Subhead Anti-Slip Stickers help avoid the very real and un-funny problem of slipping and falling. At sea or on land, help to protect your family, friends, and employees from injury.

via make,

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Zedomax.Net Web2.0 Crunch…

Here’s this week’s wrap up of Web2.0 companies and ramblings over at .Net:

Craigslist needs to update their graphicsGoogle Adsense will be available for RSS feeds, more money for bloggers.

Jobirn, a new type of job referral network launched.

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Goohack of the day – Stickers!

Well, I found this

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