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iPhone 2.0 coming soon… with 100 million dollars for app developers!

Lol… check out iPhone’s counter-attack on Google 10 million dollar prizes to Android developers.

Who will win? Definitely, iPhone is way ahead as far as technology and Google’s simply chippin’ away to their new venture.

The only thing I hope for? That, Apple gets their bandwidths straight and start getting on CDMA networks or even better, WiMax.

With all the telecommunications companies profiting off old outdated technologies in the US, WiMax might still be years away but at least somebody is trying.


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Apple…getting better, better, and better… boy Jobs can sell!


I prefer this 60 second overview of Steve Job’s speech at MacWorld this year in San Francisco. Although i rather play the Steve Jobs flash game

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O2 iPhone Video Review!



Yey, it seems like the O2 iPhone is available in UK now. Let’s take a look…

So, what’s it like? Well, apart from the o2-engraved box, the UK iPhone is, externally, identical to the US version, which we reviewed back in August. The biggest modification is on the inside and is something that w

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