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1994 Rewind – Steve Jobs on Tech, “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal” [Video]


Here’s a video from 1994 where Steve Jobs talks about how they made the Macintosh, by stealing.

“We have been shameless about stealing great ideas…”

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iPad will not have iPhone Tethering according to Steve Jobs!

Perhaps money is too good for Apple and AT&T, Steve Job’s official word on iPhone tethering the iPad is a simple, “no”.

Well, the wi-fi version of the iPad is poised to hit store shelves on April 3, and given that a large number of interested purchasers for the device presumably own iPhones, it’s only natural to wonder if AT&T will enable users to tether their iPhones to the iPad. Now seeing as how a wi-fi version of the iPad will soon be accompanied by a 3G equipped iPad w

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Apple – Steve Jobs Takes $1 Salary! (Again)

Steve Jobs takes another dollar (or bite) from his company Apple this year as his yearlong 2009 salary.  Of course, don’t forget his company stocks are worth about $1.1 billion.

Also note this year Steve Jobs takes only $4000 in company expenses compared to last year’s $871K last year.

Apart from Steve Jobs being plain evil making iPods proprietary music format (instead of MP3) and that iPhones are “still” on AT&T’s network (

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MacBook THIEVES – Apple Store Heist in New Jersey!

Wow, take a look at this video of these 5 “professional” burglars who stole 23 MacBook Pros in just 31 seconds!  That is impressive regardless of what they did.  These thieves must have done speed lap training beforehand.

Now, I am not saying you should ever steal anything but if you are going to be a burglar, you gotta be as fast as these guys and be smart.  (I feel like I am watching a mini-version of ocean’s eleven…)

I’ve seen so many dumb criminals on COPS, it’s a relief that the media finally lets some truth through, that there are a

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Free Apple App Store Apps from hackulo.us!

Say goodbye to the evil money-cruching Apple store and hello to hackulo.us and appulo.us, where you can get free apps!  I can see Steve Jobs crunching his eyes…

Go Open Source!

Many users of jailbroken iPhones will be familiar with the Installous application. Installous, from the people at Hackulo.us, allows the simple installation of apps previously available from the official Apple App Store – but free of charge with Appulous, of course.


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Best MP3 Player Review – Not an iPod Sorry!

Surprisingly, many people “don’t” know which MP3 player is the best.  It’s not iPod, iPod Touch, nor the iPhone.

I am not talking about which MP3 player can browse the web, have touch interface, or download new paid apps, not all that junk I don’t need while I listen to my music.

I personally own an iPod and an iPod Touch but I rarely use them as my

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My Apple Feedback on Apple In-Ear Headphones

Well, I just returned my Apple In-Ear Headphones to the Apple Store mainly due to the fact that there’s not enough bass compared to my cheaper $30 Sony MDr-Ex earbuds.

Apple sent me if I wanted to give them feedback so I did and here’s what I wrote to them just now: (I hope Steve Jobs reads this and makes the new headphones better with more bass and people don’t really need all that Volume/Mic stuff, it only works on the new iPods anyways.  Maybe th

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New Apple Earbuds Review!

I have to say, I am impressed with the new Apple earbuds that Steve Jobs was working on last year, much better than these standard earphones that come with ever

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Sprint’s Dan Hesse says Google Android not good enough “yet”!

In recent interview with Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse, he says that Google Android isn’t good enough “yet” for Sprint to promote on their network.

I can understand why Dan is saying that because Sprint is way ahead of every other telecommunication company in the U.S. as far as mobile data speeds go.

Plus, Sprint has been working closely with Samsung, one of the biggest cellphone manufacturers in the

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Steve Jobs on Blue-ray Discs – “Bag of Hurt!”

In a recent Apple get-together conference (actually right now I think…), Steve Jobs says Blue-ray discs are “bag of hurt” and he’s unsure if this Blue-ray disc thing will keep going or not.

Although I don’t agree with Steve Jobs’ decision on going with AT&T for the iPhone, I have to agree Blue-ray discs are still in their early stages and things could drastically change in the next 1-2 years.

Just remember when the last couple time Sony failed to standardize their new technology inventions such as

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