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Apple’s Secret Plans to Take Over the World in 2015! [Image Cache]

If you’ve seen Google’s Masterplan for world domination, you are going to be interested in what Steve Jobs has it coming by year 2015.

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Vivon Adjustable Mattress – Mattress Made for iPads and Steve Jobs will be Proud to Have One of These!


So this whole week, I am over at the Las Vegas Market, one of the biggest tradeshows in the world for home furnishings.   And yes, I found this perfect mattress for browsing on your iPad/laptop called “Vivon”.  Vivon has just launched their world’s first adjustable mattress.

There’s other adjustable “beds” which have a mattress and separate adjustable bed but this Vivon mattress does it all in style, all adjusting is actually done inside the mattress.

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South Koreans “Not Happy” at Apple and Steve Jobs!

According to numerous Korean tech sites I have read through just now, South Koreans are very “unhappy” about the fact that Apple and Steve Jobs left out South Korea from its iPhone 4 launch.  While many other countries including UK customers have gotten hands-on the iPhone 4, South Korea has been left out, where it has a strong hold on smartphone consumers.

In addition, South Korea’s only iPhone provider KT, is having trouble explaining to customers when exactly iPhone 4 will be available.  KT is currently able to sell iPhone 3Gs 8GB versions, 16GB and 32GB are ha

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Steve Jobs “Finally” Decides to give out iPhone 4 Bumpers Free!

In press conference today for Apple, Steve Jobs finally decided to give out free bumpers for solving iPhone 4’s antenna reception problems.


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Some people’s ego’s are up their ass so much, it take them OVER A MONTH to do something they should have done at the launch.

This solution still doesn’t solve the actua

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Customer Talks to Steve Jobs about iPhone 4 Antenna Reception Problems!


In a sequel to the video I made last night, here’s an iPhone 4 customer talking to Steve Jobs about the iPhone 4 antenna reception problems.

Ultimately, the customer is disgusted at Steve Jobs poor response, decides to get an HTC Evo 4G instead.

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Steve Jobs on iPhone 4’s Antenna Flaw – “Avoid Holding it That Way!”

In a recent exchange with a customer, Steve Jobs has replied back on the latest iPhone 4 reception flaw by saying, “Just avoid hold it that way.”

I am sure most of you will really “avoid” holding it that way but one thing is for sure now, that iPhone 4 has some serious hardware design flaws, nothing like seen on any other smartphone I have seen in my whole life.

Hey no worries, just get a phone that will let you make calls and browse the web

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Steve Jobs says Foxconn’s Suicide Rate is Below China’s National Average!

Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone/iPod/iPad manufacturing company, has been hit with many suicides in the recent months due to its living conditions.

Although this isn’t directly Apple’s nor Steve Job’s fault, I think they will have to start doing something drastic about it to reduce their suicide rates to none.

Of course, Steve Job’s personal response is that Foxconn’s suicide rate is below China’s average.

My response to Stevie:

I thought Apple was a better company than that.

I won’t say much other than that

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Steve Jobs Claims He Supports Open Standards!

WOW, I just read Steve Jobs “Thought on Flash” where he “claims” he supports open standards while flash is not.

What intrigues me the most is that if Steve Jobs himself supports “open” standards, why in the hell is Apple suing HTC and why are most Apple’s products not open?

Why is Google Android completely open-source while Apple is not?

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Google’s Headquarters – Steve Jobs Dunk Tank! [PIC]

I guess Function energy drinks had a booth at Google’s lunch hour featuring Steve Jobs dunk tank where Steve says, “That Don’t Be Evil Google’s known for?  Bull****!”.

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Steve Jobs Talking to Eric Schmidt in Palo Alto!

Well, here’s some good news, Steve Jobs of Apple and Eric Schmidt of Google has been spotted talking together in Palo Alto.  I am guessing they are probably talking about Apple’s recent lawsuit to HTC.  With all that has gone wrong, I believe these two people can work it out like real people instead of hiding behind lawyers.

I can’t really see any benefits if this Apple-HTC lawsuit keeps going, it’s a lose-lose situation really for

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