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Home DIY – How to Make a Wall Lamp!

Here’s a really cool DIY wall lamp you can make, go knock yourself OUT!

No need to go to the neighborhood IKEA store to get your hands on a cheap lamp. Build your own decorated wall lamp since its fun and cheap.

step 1 Electricity – materials and instructions You can actually use a ready made lamp and skip this part.

Materials 1. Electrical cord + plug + switch 2. Contact mount 3. Swivel 4. Master socket 5. Nipple 6. Washer 7. Dual socket 8. Wall mount

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DIY – How to Make a Side Table with Doily Patterns!

Here’s a creative way of making your own side table using some wood, doily, and spray paint.  It’s probably a great way to customize the side table to fit rest of your home decorations.

a few years ago we were delighted to discover that most hardware and lumber stores carry a selection of tapered wooden table legs.  they come in a wide variety of heights, from 4” to 28”, which means

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