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Laptop DIY – How To Make a Car Laptop Stand!

Remember I mentioned the steering wheel laptop stand for cars?  Well, here’s a better version and one you can make for under $30 using PVC pipes from Home Depot.

One thing I’d have to say, this DIY is so clever, you make use of your cup-holder unlike commercial laptop stands where it must be bolted down.  WOW, great job Mike!

Of course, don’t forget the “

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Steering Wheel Desk is Perfect for Netbooking in My Car!

Ever since I got my new awesome netbook, I have been working from my driver seat in my car.  Well, it doesn’t feel awfully comfortable since I don’t really have a desk but I just found this perfect Steering Wheel Desk on the Laptop blog! (Only $24.95 on Amazon)  Next time you see me blogging away on my new steering wheel desk, just don

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Steering Wheel Clock for Uber-Auto-Fans!

Hey, who said you can’t take your steering wheel with you?  Here’s the Steering Wheel Clock to let you feel like you are still in your car.

Unique design with solid wood and metal construction. Quartz clock with Japan movement.

Great gift for the home, office or auto enthusiast.

via giftsandgadgetsonline

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