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Flower DIY – How to Make a “Steel” Flower!

Okay, I really admit it this time, the only flowers I can really maintain are those low-maintenance cactus, which I have one on my desk right now. (and it’s still ALIVE!)

For those of you who have hard time maintaining a “real” garden, you might want to try the alternatives (like me cactus) or learn how to make a steel flower.  Make sure you put some anti-rust coating so your flower will be maintenance-free even if it rains.

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Why Build a Teardrop Trailer

Why build a teardrop caravan?

Way back when in the 90s yours truly was the proud owner of a Ford Transit Camper. High top, gas cooker, 2 berth (although regularly slept 5-6, the 6th usually being Steve accross the front seats with feet out of the window) 2.5 diesel engine and ample storage.

After several years of foraying on inter city jaunts at home and abroad with mountain bike in back, it’s health rapidly deteriated. Noises began appearing where they shouldn’t, ie. not the usual camper van rattles and bangs from the back, cupboard doo

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Watch as water jet cuts through steel to make a steel sunflower!


Videos like these make me go WOW!

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