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DIY – How to Make a Alcohol Distiller with a Rice Cooker!

Here’s a great DIY on how to distill that rice wine using a rice cooker.

A still has two parts, a boiler and a condenser.

A rice cooker/warmer makes a great boiler. It’s got a rubber gasket so all the steam goes out the vent. It’s insulated so all the heat goes into the mash.

A plastic garbage bag makes a great condenser. It’s got lots of surface area, cooling and condensing the vapor very quickly. In my experiments it didn’t need to be vented and hardly puffed up at all.

I tested my still

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DIY Steampunk Phonograph


Here’s a cool steampunk phonograph running on of course steam.

This short video demonstrates a working steam-powered photograph on display at a Danish exhibition, though the proud steampunk maker is British. Pato, whose girlfriend shot the video, says, ” He stood there playing records all afternoon, tinkering with his machine while spinning tunes.

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Water Catcher Umbrella, Brilliant!

Check out this water catcher umbrella concept.  From the picture it seems like you can even plant the whole thing to grow some plants.

Well, I think if they can further take their idea into using the water as stabilization for the umbrella itself or make it steam out during a hot day, that’d be somethin’.

As you can see from the design there is a dip in the centre of the canopy where the water is directed, the material is specially made from compostable polylactic acid plast

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Brass Lion Robot Poster!

Check out this cool concept robot!  You can get a large poster size for about 40 bucks.

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself, the Brass Lion was a marvel even in the impetus of the industrial revolution. Vaulting into true international fame when a single Brass Li

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DIY HACK – Remote Controlled Steam Beetle


Check out this cool RC controlled steam beetle.

The first issue with the weight started in the wheels and tires. I replaced the stock tires and wheels to 2.2, but immediately encountered flat tires, especially when crawling. The stock foam can not support the weight, and the tires basically were always compressed, with the rim of the wheels grounded. This also made it impossible to turn at all. I foun

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