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BBQ DIY – How to Add Temperature Gauge(Thermometer) to your Gas Grill! (and save a bunch of money)


When you buy a gas grill, there’s a big price-hike in gas grills with temperature meters and those without.   You don’t need to pay extra for temperature gauge, you can get an $8 temp gauge, drill a hole, and install it yourself. (and save a bunch of money)

This could be a great way to closely watch how well done your steaks are for those of you who have gas grills but no temperature gauge.

Anyone who has priced gas grills knows that there is a significant price step up between those that have a temperature gauge (man talk for thermometer) and those that don̵

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Meat DIY – How to Make an Electric Meat Thermometer!

As you well know, I am an avid-cook of various meats including T-bone, Tri-Tip, and even Prime Rib steaks.  Here’s how  you can make an electric meat thermometer so you know exactly when your steak is medium-rare, just how I like it, slightly with some blood that could help with your creatine diet. (via hackedgadgets)

To passionate

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The New Imperial Gas Grill from Broil King!

I have to admit to being a fanatic about barbeque, especially tri-tips, baby back ribs, and more steaks.  Anyways, Broil King has introduced a new super-duper gas grill called the new Imperial which basically comes with lots of shelves and pretty much decked out for some serious grillin’ time.

I will be one of the first people getting one of these gr

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DIY SOLAR HACK – How to make a Parabolic Solar Cooker

Check out these really large solar cookers you can use to cook some food. Maybe they will be able to commercialize this and let people cook some steaks on it instead of using up our precious earth resources.

One of the easiest beginnings for a parabolic solar cooker can be found in thousands of backyards across the United States-the satellite dish, from the large C-band to the small digital dish

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