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iPhone 4 DIY – How to Make an iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam! [Guest]

Video of how to build your own iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam:


Video of iPhone 4 DIY Steadicam in action:


Okay, so the iPhone 4 has a great camera, and the HD video is the best there is on a cell phone, but the problem is it’s still a cell phone. There’s no image stabilization, and it’s a small lightweight device that you are essentially holding by its lens. Every tiny movement of your hand is translat

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Tiffen Merlin Steadicam for iPhones!

I actually tried this exact model out at Tiffen booth in CES 2010 couple days back, I think if you are going to shoot motion with an iPhone, it does make sense to use a steadicam.  But then again, if you can afford a steadicam, you should really be shooting videos with a real camcorder or like me, Canon EOS 7D.

The Steadicam Smoothee™ is specifically designed and engineered to work with your Apple® iPhone 3Gs

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DIY Steadicam – How to Make a Steadicam!

Although I haven’t got around to making a DIY steadicam myself, here’s another good DIY steadicam that could be built using wood and some parts from Home Depot.  Certainly not the aesthetically pleasing but is another great DIY steadicam design without spending hundreds on a Merlin Steadicam.   [

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Steadicam DIY – How to Make a Steadicam Camera/Camcorder Stabilizer!

Last night I couldn’t go to sleep until 3AM (hence some lack of posts today) but I was researching on how to make a camera stabilizer as I wanted to take some action shots with my new Canon EOS 7D camera.

Well, luckily I found like a whole bunch of different ways without having to spend hundreds or thousands on a commercial Merlin Steadicam.

These ideas should

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