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Business DIY – How to Start Your Own Photography Business!

After having read the Accidental Millionaire, I’ve instantly lapsed into the thought of starting my own photography business.  Well, after deep thought, I decided to keep doing what I am doing, blogging and add some nicer photos/videos to my blogs.

But for those of you serious about starting your own photography business, Photojojo has some great basics you will need to know:

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Golf Tips – How To Start the Downswing with your Lower Body!

Well, as a pro golfer who has studied golf for as long as I can remember, one of the worst flaws in golf is hitting the golf ball with your hands from the top.  The best way to solve over-the-top slice/hooks is to start your downswing with your lower body.

I have outlined the details on how to start your downswing with the lower body plus a simple exercise you can do to ingrain this golf technique over at my golf blog.

Check it out as it can potentially turn you from

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DIY – How to Start BBQ Charcoals Faster with Hair Dryer!

Believe it or not, this guy claims that he can start BBQ charcoals faster with his homemade wire-mesh and hair dryer.

You might want to consider trying this method for your Independence Weekend BBQ.

Whenever I have trouble starting coals for my BBQ I grab a hair dryer, point it at my grill and pull the trigger. One minute later I have red hot coals and I never have to use any lighter fluid to get them started.

Video after the jump!


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Personal Start Page – Protopage

Here’s an awesome personal start page you can drag and move the windows and also put in RSS feeds, personal photos, and more.  We are going to try to see if we can put some Zedomax RSS feeds and make it look nice…coming soon!

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