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Coffee Hack – How to Make your own Starbucks Frappuccino!

As a coffee addict who buy a gazillion Starbucks Frappuccinos and Doubleshot energy drinks every year, I probably spend at least $5 on bottled/can coffee every day.  That works out to about $5×300=$1500 a year if I miss couple days.

Well, you can brew your own Starbucks coffee and make your own Starbucks Frappucino with the old Frappucino you’ve collected.  Not only will this be fresher bottle of coffee, you can customize your coffee by doing things like substituting honey for sugar or even not adding any sugar/honey.

Whatever the case, I gotta start doing this m

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Starbucks DIY – How to Get FREE WiFi at Starbucks!

I’ve noticed that Starbucks is actually offering 2 hours of free WiFi for becoming a Starbucks Rewards member.  This is a pretty good deal if you like going to Starbucks on a daily basis.   I don’t really need it because I have broadband cards plus I can tether my Palm Pre as an instant WiFi hotspot anywhere I go but for those of you on limited budget, this might be a great way to get your free internet connection.

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Best Ice Cream Maker Machine Review!

Do you love ice cream?  Well, I do, especially ice cream cakes.  On my birthdays, I have to get ice cream cake, there’s no other option.  If you are an ice cream addict like me, you will want to read on and find out the best ice cream maker machines on the market today.

First up is a modest 1.5 quart ice cream machine from CuisinArt.  You can’t really go

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Starbucks Instant Coffee – VIA Ready Brew

As a coffee addict who relies on cheap instant coffee to make his own frappucino every morning, this is great news that Starbucks instant coffee will be available soon as VIA Ready Brew.  No more headaches, I will have to definitely brew some realy frappucinos now.

Starbucks has found a way to offer a truly great cup of coffee that you can prepare by just adding water. Other instant coffees taste flat and lifeless. Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew is different – it’s full-bodied

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The Cable Guy? No, it’s the Starbucks Guy!

Here’s a cool setup of your whole computer at Starbucks by this random dude.

YES, he practically brought his whole Mac setup to the coffee shop.  I am surprised they didn’t kick him out….yet.

via techeblog

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DIY iPhone HACK – How to get Free Online Magazines!

Well, here’s another cool hack that lets you get free online magazines using the same hack to get free wifi at Starbucks.

You have an iPhone, or the handy User Agent Switcher for Firefox, there are a couple of sites that offer free digital versions of several popular magazines. I guess the idea is to try and capture email addresses, but you can cancel through the input boxes and get straight to the content fairly easily.

If you are using Firefox, you can f

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DIY Wifi HACK – How to Get Free Wifi from Starbucks and AT&T Hotspots!


Here’s a cool little hack that let’s you get free wifi from Starbucks or AT&T Hotspots!

Basically, you change the “User-Agent” to iPhone User Agent, which is the header part of HTTP transmission.

Then you put in the phone number of any of your friends’ iPhone. I personally know about 3 people in my cellphone address book, so this should be piece of cake.

For Firefox, you can download User Agent Switcher Plugin to change the User Agent.

Definitely, this is the easiest hack I̵

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