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MacBook Hack – How to Make MacBook Run Faster!

Well, the Ken Mingis over at ComputerWorld has figured out how to make a Macbook run faster, simply by swapping out the harddrive with an SSD, read more there.

As I’m wont to do whenever I get a new computer, I ran a quick Xbench benchmarking test. The results were about what I had expected — in a good way. The faster SSD yielded an Xbench score for the MacBook of 144. That’s on par with the SSD-based MacBook Air I had parted ways with. (The Air had a score of 141.) And both w

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Laptop New Roundup from our Laptop Blog!

Well, I have to admit to being lazy on the subject of laptops, so here’s a round-up of all the stuff worth taking a look about laptops:

Read about Dell Adamo review here, fake MacBooks spotted, and Sotec C103 is a new contender in the netbook market.

Viewsonic is also getting in the mini-laptop market, check out

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DIY – How to Make Solid States Drives with SD Flash Cards!

Here’s an idea I had been thinking of before, getting together bunch of 16GB SD cards and making a Solid State Drive.

Apparently, a company in Germany has made this type of device available already, what a great idea:

With the Flexi-Drive S2S we introduce a flexible adjustable memory solution.

Simply insert the desired number of SDHC cards (max. 6) into the Flexi-Drive’s slots. The card’s individual memory capacities merge into

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PC Hack – How to Passively Cool your Computer without PC Fans!

PC fans have always been a major component of PCs in the last decade but there’s a way you can passively cool your computer using no fans at all.  You can follow this cool DIY on how to passively cool your computer without any fans, it could be a great knowledge just in case you need to build a completely, noise-free computer.

I have wanted to build a fully passively cooled computer case since I had my first Athlon Thunderbird 800 MHz. That time the fan noise was amazingly high, and manufacturers didn´t much care about the noise levels, and

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Asus Eee Linux Box!

Asus is working on their new Linux box that looks like wii.

* As per our previous speculation, an official launch of the Eee Box will indeed take place on June 3rd at Computex in Taiwan. Hardly surprising given the show is in Taiwan, the home of Asus and many a computing manufacturer. * Specs wise, our source told us the machines would be launching with 2GB RAM as standard, along with a 160GB hard drive – obviously not an SSD. * These new machines will be running the same Linux distro found on the Eee PCs – no bad thing by our reckoning

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