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You can Now Buy Extra Lives with 1-Up Mushrooms!

If you are a hardcore Mario Brothers fan, you might be interested to learn that ThinkGeek is selling the very 1-Up mushrooms so you stay alive in the case of death.  (Now, that’s a joke, please don’t go out there and kill yourself plz!)

The instructions are pretty simple. All you do is add potting soil to the green sewer-pipe-shaped flower pot, and push the spores deep into it. Soak the soil with water using the dropper, add a squirt of the food solution, and then it’s off to a dark location for a few wee

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Squirting Dirty Dogs Bath Toy for your Baby/Toddler!

I often see that babies and toddlers love to play with dogs, even if they are toys.  These dirty dogs will squirt black “dirt” in cold water while the dirt will turn clear in warm water.

These big, soft squirting doggie toys need to be cleaned at bath time. Each cute puppy’s special magic ink “dirt” disappears when you put it in warm bath water; then reappears as it cools. This set of four includes a mini washcloth to clean up your pup. Phthalate-free. Each dirty dog measures approximately 3″.


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1370 Horsepower Turbine Jet Boat!


Damn, this thing IS a beast! Crammed with a sizzling turbine jet, this jet boat will pollute the air like crazy yet it’s so cool!

This Turbine Jet-Boat is one fast ride. Looks like 1370 horse power is just enough for a wild water ski ride that you won’t forget.

“The T58-GE-8F turbine that is going in Squirt 2. It weighs 350 lbs and

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