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Our new blogging building


We rented out this 6,200 square feet warehouse/retail space on 9th Street, San Francisco. Eventually, we will have bunch of bloggers, hackers, and beds everywhere. Here’s a video preview of our new company, Bedzine Inc. We are planning to sell mattresses for revenue and blogs as our main thang. Leave any thoughts!

Just been real busy making those tables in the video but we should be on full force by next month when we have actually sold enough mattresses and hire more people to do some fun stuff.

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DIY KITS – Container Home Kit CHK

Check out these cool Container Home Kits from Lot-EK. These would be great for quick setup of your new vacation home while saving earth too by re-using.

Lot-ek’s scalable system can accommodate anywhere from 640-2560 square feet, and comes fully equipped and ready to plop on-site with built-in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fully insulated AND furnished. It

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