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Search for the fastest Sprint MotoQ vs. Sprint Samsung IP-830W


Here’s a video test showing internet speed performance between Sprint MotoQ and the Sprint Samsung IP-830W as promised on the previous post.

Although I just broke my bank getting these two phones…

I hope these phones will do the trick and let be blog on the go… If not, we will have to cancel more contracts and get some new faster phones. (wtf)

The test results shows us that there is really no

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CELLPHONE BATTLE – Cingular Samsung Blackjack vs. Sprint Moto Q


As an update to the previous HSDPA vs. EDVO article, here’s a horrible video of speed test between a Cingular Samsung Blackjack vs. Sprint MotoQ. (I was at a party and one of my friends had a Cingular Blackjack, so I had to take a video.)

Anyway, the test shows “zedomax.com” loading up. Sprint MotoQ loads much much faster.  (Now I can comment back on the go 5 times faster!)

We just got our ha

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