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Sprint Capping “Unlimited” 3G Data Service at 5GB

Well, this isn’t a very bad news for me although I use TWO EDVO sprint cards plus my blackberry which can be used as a broadband modem.  All I can say is wait until Sprint comes out with the WiMAX technology, which will save all of us from bandwidth and speed problems.

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Blackberry 9500 – Touchscreen Thunder!

Well, it looks like the Blackberry revolution will be here soon to compete against the iPhone. Of course, Verizon and Sprint networks are so much faster, that’s the only reason I’d use it over the iPhone.

The Boy Genius has a bunch of new details on the upcoming touchscreen Blackberry, including the interesting tidbit that it’ll be a lifetime exclusive on Verizon in the US and Vodafone in Europe. It’ll have a mere four physical keys and will run on 3G EV-DO Rev. C as well as GSM HSPA for international use. No word on when t

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The New Five Dollar Wiki! – Do you have five on it?

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Here’s the latest creation from Zedomax.Net, The Five Dollar Wiki! (Well, it’s really a idea that’s developed on a nice idea.)

Basically, you get to own a page on the wiki for life(or at least 15 years). If the site does well in the future then your page gets boosted by Google rankings and get lots of traffic. That’s the idea but we are still workin̵

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iPhone HACK – iPhone unlocked SIM

I know, the iPhone is getting really old lately since everyone I know has one now. BUT, we can still laugh at all the stupid hacks you can do to the iPhone. Check out how you can unlock the iPhone by cloning the SIM card. This might actually be useful for any cellphones that use a SIM card.

Senad, who has previously been heavily involved in the Digital Satellite scene and worked in many projects for Digiturk Cryptoworks, revealed to us that the hack is very real

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Maker Faire Live Webcam Video

Hi there, we are at the Maker Faire! I got hands on one of automatic webcams that follow people. Check it out! It took me awhile to hook up some internet. For some reason, I couldn’t hook up to the free internet here. BUT I got my Sprint Samsung IP-830W to work as a cellular modem. Hopefully, the live videos stream good on it. (My phone is a life-saver! 🙂 )

Update: We

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Wibro – Browse web pages on your cell phone @ DSL speeds!

WiBro will be coming soon to the US to let people browse web sites and blogs

@ DSL speeds. “Samsung Electronics, one of the major Korean developers of WiBro, Wednesday forged an alliance with three firms _ Sprint Nextel, Intel and Motorola _ for the launch of WiBro in the U.S.”

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