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Mobile DIY – How to Boost Cellphone Signals in Your Car!

Today, I find a great spot near the SF Bay where the winds blog and I can enjoy the outdoors while working on my netbook inside my car.  Well, one of the problems I encountered was that the spot didn’t get great cellular signals for my Sprint broadband card.  It was one of those remote locations where I got 1xRT instead of EDVO Rev A signals.

There’s actually a lot of ways you can boost your voice/data cellular signals such as a mobile cellular repeaters b

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Live Twittering From the Van – How to Setup a Mobile Blogging Network for Cheap!

Well, I am actually in a van right now that’s headed for Los Angeles right now, you can join my “mobile” conversations @zedomax2 on Twitter.

I got an Eee PC 1000HE + Sprint broadband USB setup, which allows me to blog this very blog post on the cheap.

1. Eee PC 1000HE – $389

2. Sprint Broadband USB – $50/month

For about $389  plus $5

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Prepaid Mobile Broadband from SlingShot.com!

Well, I just received new that SlingShot.com will be offering prepaid mobile broadband via Sprint’s broadband network.

I am currently using 3 Sprint Broadband cards and paying $59.99 per each broadband card but this is a great alternative to save on costs while you don’t use it.

Anyways, this should be available in retail stores real soon, for details, keep checkin’ SlingShot.com.

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