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Palin spends $150,000 on Fashion for Herself and Her Family!

Well, although I do believe you have to look your best, I don’t think spending $150,000 on fashion for a political campaign is right.  (unless of course, you are paying that with your own money)

Palin has been spending some outrageous $150,000 USD on fashion for herself and her family.  I do strongly believe candidate’s spending habits will also reflect on how they spend the national budget.

As such, I just don’t think Palin is capable of pulling this job of running America.   I am not being biased here, only stating the

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No Garage in New York City? Try Walking Instead

No Garage in New York City? Try Walking Instead

It’s true that you will want to keep out of a big city, too crowded for cars unless of course, you love New York City.  Now, there’s a new way to stay out of traffic, try walking instead.

I can sympathize with New Yorkers who have to pay outrageous amounts for parking as I live in San Francisco and it’s pretty bad over here too.

For example, you can work in downtown San Fran and expect to pay at least extra $300-400 a month on parking.  For people who live in high-rises near dow

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