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FUNNY VIDEO – FedEx Infomercial on YouTube!

My friend Joel alerted on the latest “spoof” informercial from FedEx.  It’s quite funny, my favorite part is when one of the audience’s head blows off, (2:13) then he’s head is normal again. (2:14) LMAO.

According to Joel:

FedEx decided to make this YouTube video instead of SuperBowl advertising. They had tried unsuccessfully in the past to make a viral video campaign on YouTube; this time they enlisted Fred Willard (Best in Show, A Mighty Wind) to use his dead-pan humor for a faux-infomercial for FedEx.com. FedEx hopes to draw attention to their

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DIY HACK – How to Build a Magnetic Stripe Card Spoofer!


Here’s a fun little hack that will allow you to spoof most magnetic stripe readers including your local groceries’ credit card reader.

This instructable demonstrates how to use an electromagnet, a simple amplifier circuit, and a personal music player to induce signals into a magnetic stripe card reader, causing it to think that you have swiped a card through it.

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