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iPod Nano 4G 4GB introduced!

Sources confirm that iPod Nano 4G 4GB model is official.

Initially a set of unofficial pictures clearly showed a 4GB logo on the back of the red oval-shaped iPod Nano player. The images then set the web alight with rumours because Apple has, in the UK at least, only released the player in 8GB and 16GB capacities.

However, an Apple spokeswoman has confirmed to Register Hardware that it did make a “limited number of 4GB iPod Nanos for some international markets”.

The spokeswoman couldn’t confirm which countries the 4GB model was s

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Dell Inspiron 910 Mini-Notebook coming this week!

You can expect the Dell Inspiron 910 Mini-notebook later this week.  The Dell Inspiron 910 is the very first mini-laptop produced by Dell, who is trying to take a market share of the new “mini” market.

Here’s some Dell Inspiron 910 Links that will inspire you for sure from our pimp blog LaptopPimp.com.

Dell Inspiron 910 Specs and Detailed Pics

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North Oaks, Minnesota tells Google Maps to Fu** off!

Uh oh… It looks like Google Maps Street View is invading privacy of private lands.  Although most people probably won’t care that much but how did Google Maps get pictures of private lands in the first place?

Since the introduction of Google Maps’ Street View last spring, the feature has caused controversy in several cities and with the federal government. The Pentagon banned Google Maps from taking any images of military facilities, and a Pittsburgh couple sued the company over images

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